Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New York Fashion Week '09: Lacoste

At Lacoste, makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift concentrated on eyelashes. She applied tons of mascara, and then used a black kohl pencil to create a circular shape to the eye. Swift stained the lips a little rather than using full lipstick or lipgloss. According to Swift, the inspiration was partly the Sixties decade and partly Annie Hall.

Hair stylist Dennis Lanni gave models a layered, wavy hairdo that was inspired by his sister!! Lanni said, "'She used to sleep with braids in her hair and would take them out [in the morning to get a wave].'" Lanni looped locks back (see below) and ironed them into sections, creating figure-eight shapes all over the head. After leaving in the loops for 15 minutes, Lanni let the hair down and sprayed hair with Bumble and Bumble's Holding Spray.

Hmm. If the silly below look gets the gorgeous hair above, I might just have to try this technique!!

via WWD


  1. oo this looks so tempting, I might have to try this and see if works out on my locks!!

    great post

  2. Thanks ladyb!! I love the hair too...I would die to have those gorgeous waves!


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