Thursday, February 12, 2009

Padma Lakshmi in Pantene's Nature Fusion Commercial

Browsing around the T.V. just now, when Padma Lakshmi popped up on the screen touting Pantene's new Nature Fusion line. Exciting! I think its great to finally have a desi has the face of a international brand!! While Aishwarya's L'oreal mascara commercials used to come on a few years back, they have all but disappeared sadly.

Check out this video of Padma Lakshmi which features a behind the scenes look of the making of the commercial for the Nature Fusion Line. She looks amazing.

In the interview, Padma says "Hair is a huge deal for Indian women. When I go on a plane, I actually will rub oil into my scalp and then into my hair and then do a tight braid. And so that keeps it from getting dry and frizzy or, you know, flyaway and also helps with static later, when you wash it."

Thanks, Padma, for that great tip!!

Also, apparently, one of the main ingredients in the Nature Fusion products is the Cassia plant, which is a plant native to India. Nice to have learned something new today!

And here is the actual commercial!


  1. I still smile when I walk past the l'oreal aisle at my local drugstore. Although the mascara didn't really work per the commercial, and Aishwarya's nude lipstick didn't look so hot in reality, it is still nice to see a desi face in the beauty aisle. Now we've got the hair care aisle covered!

  2. If only more cosmetics and hair companies new what a self-esteem booster it is to have a diverse face marketing the product...there needs to be more diverse women in marketing, seriously!


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